Flood Victim Housing

3 May

Please check the page “Flood Victim Housing” throughout the day to see available housing for flood victims and contact me for more info.

Also, please share www.ChrisCrimmins.com that has a great post about what to do after the flood. Thanks.

Meeting with the Godfather

28 Apr

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Sean Siple of Good Food for Good People. Sean has not only pioneered successful Farmers Markets in Nashville such as The East Nashville and West Nashville Farmers’ Market, but works on several other community programs that bring awareness to gardening, composting and the like. I knew that Sean was the man that could greatly help and instruct us in our endeavors in Woodbine. I was shocked at his offer to be my mentor and teach me how to operate a successful market. I can’t wait to start working with him. I believe that in order to have a long last and sustainable market, I need to shadow Sean for a few months. The goal right now is to have the Woodbine Farmers’ Market start in July and close up at the end of October. That will give us access to the bounty of the harvest and ensure that we do things correctly for the longevity of the market. It will be much easier to start eating seasonally in the bounty than when there is little variety to choose from.

Movies in the Park

23 Apr

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting with Gigi Gaskins who runs the Wedgewood Urban Garden. She contacted me about a week ago to congratulate me on my new undertaking and offer her garden for movie screenings. Let me just say that her garden is not only incredibly impressive but absolutely beautiful! I wanted t0  stay there for hours. If you get a chance please go over there and take a look, and even offer a few hours of volunteer labor.

She has graciously offered her space (complete with a huge outdoor movie screen) for our fundraising events. When I asked her what was in it for her she simply replied “Nothing, this is what this space is for, the community.” I am so thankful for the opportunity to use this space and educate people on eating fresh, local and seasonal. There will be a 3 part food series with movies like Food Inc. I will give more details later. I can’t wait to sit outside on a blanket in a gorgeous garden and enjoy a movie.


21 Apr

Calling all sponsors! I want to get several local sponsors on board with the Farmers’ Market. My hope is that the sponsors show what a beautifully diverse neighborhood we live in. I would love for La Hacienda, Siam Café, Gojo Restaurant, Istanbul Café, and Flatrock Café to be some of our sponsors.  So help me spread the word.

When you become a sponsor you receive:

  • Name on all our banners, signs and promotional material
  • Free booth for you company at our Market for the seasonal year
  • 940×250 ad space on our website

If you are interested in more information about sponsoring our events, please contact me.

Earth Day Festival

18 Apr

My neighbor, Holly Moore and I went to the Centennial Earth Day Festival yesterday. I was able to pass out a little slip of paper to local companies and farmers that gave out the information of the Woodbine Farmers Market. I was so encouraged that word had already spread to many of them about this new location. Everyone gave me a few minutes to talk their ears off about our ideas and then respectfully beg them to participate. It was the perfect place to see local people in action. There is such a diverse group of people that all feel equally passionate about sustainable living and local endeavors, and I was excited to meet like minded souls. Here are a list of people that I spoke with that could potentially be at our Market.

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