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Where to Park?

11 Jul

Perhaps this parking system is what we need at the Community Center. Many people have voiced their concerns about not being able to find a place to park at the Market. After reading today’s Article in the Tennessean, addressing this issue, I thought I should encourage a few things.

1. Remember that we live in an urban area which means that parking is limited just about anywhere you go when you are dealing with a big event.

2. Try your best to car pool with other people in the community, make it a fun after-work event.

3. If you are able, ride your bike, walk or take the bus. There is a bus stop right outside of Coleman Park. (Loved seeing several of you ride your bike with your yoga mat around your back, so cool!)

4. Having trouble finding a parking space is a good thing, be patient and know it’s worth the wait.

5. You can now park at the gas station off Foster Ave, Action Nissan, and the old Rite Aid building at the corner of Nolensville and Thompson. Or turn into the Service Entrance into the Park off Nolensville Pike right past the South East Jeep car dealership, and you can park on the walking track between 4-7pm only. You can also park at South East Dealership. Just drive straight back through the main entrance and you can park anywhere behind the service building in the parking lot. You are also able to walk through the service garage straight to the park.

I know it’s easy to get frustrated at the end of a long work day when you can’t find a parking space, but I hope that those of you that couldn’t find one last week will give us another chance and try again. This Market is such a positive thing for the South Nashville Community and we just have to think of ourselves as a big city event in an urban setting, so parking can be a pain but we are confident it’s worth it.