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Foxy Baking Co.

14 Jun

The Foxy Baking Co. is the manifestation of the mid-life crisis of its founder, Katy Branson. After many years in the corporate world Katy asked herself the following questions: “What do you do best?”, “What do you love to do?”, and “If you could be doing anything else RIGHT NOW what would it be?” The answer to all three was “bake.”  She took it as a sign.

The Foxy Baking Co. is a small business that focuses on using high quality ingredients to create high quality baked goods. Almost all the fresh produce and dairy products used in the bakery are sourced locally. As a result, available products change with availability of ingredients. I have a new found love for this type of cooking because it makes you try new things and appreciate your favorites even more.

Along with being at our Market on Tuesday’s, you can find Foxy Baking Co. around town at the other Farmers Markets. I can’t wait to try all Katy’s goodies including these:

Geraldine’s Pies

10 Jun

Geraldine’s Pie’s are guaranteed to be the best Chess pie’s you have ever tasted. And I can promise you that they are. Upon meeting Geraldine, you instantly feel as though you have met your lost lost friend. She could have met you once  or 100 times, but you feel as special as her own daughter. Over many years, Geraldine has perfected her grandmothers recipe and elaborated it into several flavors including chocolate and lemon chess pie, just to name a couple. If you ask her what her favorite pie is, she will say “All of my pies baby” as she exudes her contagious laugh.  She gives all the credit and success to the Lord, and wants you to know it.  She says that, “They are the greatest because I put love and my heart into my pies.” She is the real deal ya’ll and I’m so excited that she will be at our Market.