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Live Green Tennessee

20 Jul

Nashville Scene Article

16 Jul

The Woodbine Farmers’ Market has been getting a lot of attention in the press. Make sure to check out our Media page to see the list of great articles. This week Jim Ridley of the Nashville Scene wrote this article: (make sure to read this article too)

If last week’s blockbuster opening holds steady — and customers could be heard asking anxiously if vendors would be back the following week — Nashville’s newest farmers’ market could become one of its biggest and best. Thank an easily accessible location (with a playground!) at the corner of Nolensville Road and Thompson Lane, and a ring of neighboring communities hungry for access to locally grown and produced goods. And above all, thank Woodbine resident Mary Crimmins, whose irresistible personal appeals drew a lot of choice vendors in a short amount of time. Goods include farm-raised meats (Peaceful Pastures and West Wind Farms), produce (Real Food Farms), artisanal bread (Twin Forks Farm Bread), goat cheese (Noble Springs Dairy), milk (Gammon Family Dairy), coffee (Roast Inc.), dog treats (Happy Barker), desserts (Foxy Baking Co. and Geraldine’s Pies), even a stand with astoundingly refreshing basil lemonade (Primm Springs); it speaks well that there are already two salsa vendors, Mollie Yankie and Catalina’s Own Salsa. And more suppliers have been knocking on the WFM’s door — a move that looks like buying 99-cent shares of a blue-chip stock. Future weeks may bring live music and free yoga and dance classes; check in often at www.woodbinefarmersmarket.com. To become a vendor, contact info@woodbinefarmersmarket.com. – Jim Ridley