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We’ve got Milk!

26 Jun

There isn’t anything more quintessential for a Farmers’ Market than fresh local milk.  You really have to have a love for what you are doing to milk 365 days of the year rain, snow or shine. And not to mention getting up at the wee-hours of the morning to make that happen. It’s a true labor of love. Steve Gammon, of Gammon Family Dairy has taken over the family tradition of milking Holstein and Jersey cows as a third generation dairy farmer. He says that “growing up on a dairy farm, I have a love for cattle and like being able to see the result of raising healthy animals by having good production and a quality milk. Knowing that the cows are calm and comfortable because of my careful planning makes it worth the long hours and bad weather conditions, and to know that I am providing people with a healthy all natural product is just icing on the cake.”

Gammon’s farm is a complete family operate, down to the packing and labeling. I love their simple straightforward slogan which is “Real TN Milk” which means that they don’t add any additives or hormones to their milk because it is perfect the way it is – it’s REAL milk. As their website says “There is a new Jug in town” and I’m excited they will be at the Woodbine Farmers’ Market!



HALF GALLON LIGHT (1.6%-2%)——-$2.75






Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese

17 May

Last week I went on my maiden voyage to my first local farm. Driving out I65-N I couldn’t wait to reach Austin, KY. As we drove, I was struck by the beauty of the farmland through TN and KY. Have you seen the Happy Cow commercials, “Happy Cows Come from California” with their pristine pastures and green rolling hills, I am convinced they filmed that in Tennessee. It was absolutely gorgeous. When we arrived at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese we were warming greeted by Jeanette and she ushered us into the cheese making room to meet Kenny. I didn’t expect to see Kenny himself working to make the cheese. You could instantly tell that this process was a labor of love and he was intimately part of every step. No big machinery, no computer programing system, just Kenny and the milk. It was beautiful to watch, like a well orchestrated dance that had been practiced over and over again until you don’t have to think anymore, you just did.

Being a foodie and self proclaimed cheese lover and connoisseur, I was skeptical at the product. Surely local KY cheese couldn’t match up to imported cheese from Italy or France. I was sorely mistaken-no blown away! Kenny’s Cheese hit your palate immediately with it’s creamy texture and rich flavor. I couldn’t believe that this cheese was better than all the many many cheeses I have bought from Whole Foods, and I was standing with the maker in his shop! I am pleased to announce that Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese will be at the Woodbine Farmers’ Market. Get ready folks, this cheese really comes from happy cows.