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Noble Springs Dairy-Goat Cheese

2 Jul

Many people who cannot handle regular cow’s milk have turned to goat’s milk. I however, have not been able to make the switch- mainly because I am very sensitive to that gamey flavor. Even a slight hint of that turns me off. I took a risk over at the East Nashville Farmers Market and bought some of Noble Springs‘ goat cheese. I considered it “research”. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it! It was smooth and rich, and I was surprised that there was no gamey overtones. Could it be that I found my goat cheese match? The next week, after having devoured the 1st tub, I had to buy a second one. For goat cheese lovers, and those of us that aren’t really convinced we like it yet, this cheese is for us all. My favorite flavor: Cherry Berry. They also have Plain, Garlic and Herb, Sun-dried Tomato and Basil, Sante Fe, Peppercorn and Chocolate Truffle. I am pleased to announce that Noble Springs Dairy Goat Cheese will be at the Woodbine Farmers’ Market.